Underpinning Tenure Chasers is a real determination to see more deserving, driven and dedicated researchers move into funded, permanent positions.

Our vision is to stop seeing so many fail when they could otherwise flourish, by creating strong online profiles that fit their personality, style of work and career goals.

This determination grew from four key drivers.

1. Academia is rough

Countless talented researchers struggle to secure futures in the highly-competitive tournament system.

2. Nobody really cares

Research has taken a beating over the past decade – led by deniers and disbelievers who undermine at every opportunity.

3. Something has to be done

The key challenge for modern researchers is to regain credibility by sharing research culture and results as widely and effectively as possible.

4. We have the skills

We are experienced academics, research leaders and award-winning photographers. We understand complex research and have the skills to solve the problems our clients face.

So, that’s what we do…

Every month, we talk to academics about their research, help them clarify their career goals, and permanently fix their communication.

We work on communication, but what we really deal in is confidence and control.