1. You don’t have a professional profile picture.

A solid, professional profile picture is the cornerstone of your online presence. If you’re using a pixelated, cropped image from your wedding or a recent hike, you’re sending the wrong message. It’s time for an update.

2. Your website is outdated or boring.

There’s nothing wrong with a slick website – it shows you’re organised and ready to take tenure. Yours might be a departmental page on a university website, showing your publications up to 2009. How’s that working out for you?

3. You took all the photos on your website.

Unless you’re really into photography, chances are most of them suck. That’s because you can’t do lab or fieldwork AND get good photos. Access better images by hiring a pro for a day or start using stock photos.

4. You don’t have a lab Facebook page.

Students like Facebook. A lab page is the easiest way to show prospective grad students what happens behind the scenes. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on valuable engagement.

5. Tweeting feels weird.

Twitter can be time-consuming, but provides an awesome platform to build your research reputation. Decide who you’re going to be – the person who does _____ – then stay focussed on tweeting relevant stuff once-a-day.

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