What researchers really need is their own online presence. Their own voice. Their own websites, with social-media pages for their labs. Their research is independent, why shouldn’t their online presence be?

Then, they need to get into a position to keep producing good content without too much effort. They know content drives search engines. They understand that Google works by indexing web pages and photo captions. Things that are well described get clicks. Clicks drive results.

Fortunately, for researchers, producing content is right up their alley. But, who has the time? And who is going to help them get started? Right?

As an academic, you’re trained to do research, not communicate. When it comes to communicating your work, nobody’s shown you how.

I know what it’s like. I had the papers, the projects, the students and the opportunity. I wanted to tell the world about my work. I was trying, but I was failing.

I felt disorganised and frustrated. I couldn’t break through. Each day, I grew more cynical and pissed off with the system.

Around me, people with bad track records and worse ideas were going great. They were getting support, traction, jobs – the works.

I was just like a lot of the clients that come to me now. They have everything they need to succeed, except one. When it came to communicating, they really have no idea what they’re doing.

The funny thing is: they’ve got all they need to communicate effectively, they just need to get over the hump of getting started.

If you feel the same – then Tenure Chasers is for you.

We solve communication problems permanently. We get communication working for you, not the other way around.

We show you how.

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