Want to access more high-quality, motivated grad students?

At Tenure Chasers, we recommend the following…

Show them the way

Enrolling can be complex – clearly show them the pathway to joining your lab, link to the forms they need (visas are a classic example), detail the scholarships that could help them and let them know you’re there to help.

Sell your location

Many students, particularly in the US, move to attend grad school. They’re searching for a fun town, where they can have (at least a chance at) a good work-life balance, with lots of options to distract them from the rigmarole of a PhD or Masters program.

Show them the resources you offer

What does your lab have that others don’t? Do you have the latest lab gizmos? Do you go on an annual field trip to Peru? Do you have technical and administrative support? Sign me up!

Make your lab team accessible

Students want to know who they’ll be working with. Are they young guns or wannabes? How far into their programs are they? Can they get in touch with them to ask about life in the lab? Make this possible.

Show them the money

Do you have a new grant that they can use to fund their research? Exactly how much money will be available? Can you offer a cash top-up to their stipend? Can you pay for their relocation? When it comes to the crunch, this stuff makes a big difference.

Tell them about your style of supervision

Are you a ‘deep-ender’ who expects them to do it mostly on their own? Do you like to spoon-feed students for maximum success? What do you expect them to achieve and why?

Give them some project ideas

Students are shopping around. They want a challenge, but they don’t want it to be impossible. What are some cool project ideas that you’ve been kicking around for a while, but haven’t got the chance to actually do?

If you can incorporate this into your online research presence, you’ll be well on your way to getting more enquiries from high-quality students.

They’ll know they’re moving to a place where they will learn the basics, gain experience and graduate. You’ll know that they understand what they’re getting into.

Remember, you’re vetting them as much as they’re vetting you.