A lot of people ask me how we work with our clients, so here it is…


We start by discussing your goals – in person or via Skype. What metrics do you need to improve most to get tenure? More grant money? More students? More teaching? More citations? All of the above?

We talk about your lab. What capacities do you have? What is your niche? What projects & funding do you hope to pursue over the next 12 months? Where is that money hopefully coming from? Who are your collaborators? And so on…

This helps build a profile of you as a researcher. Your style, motivations and goals.


We then tailor a website design and lab branding to suit. We review your current resources and extract anything that you want to keep, edit it to match your new platform and kill the rest.

Tenure Chasers comes to photograph you or we arrange for a local photographer to visit. We get a number of profile pictures of yourself and each lab member. We photograph your lab and/or field sites. Anything that sets you apart.

These new images are incorporated into your website – this is a critical element that makes everything look as interesting as it really is. How refreshing!

We then get into written content. Tenure Chasers revises your project descriptions – they are too complicated and detailed. Trust me, hardly anyone cares what region of some random gene you sequenced. If they do, they can read your papers (and cite you).

We add user accounts for all of your lab members, with appropriate editing privileges. They then write no more than 3 sentences about themselves, to sit beside their beautiful new profile pictures on your ‘team’ page. If they want to write more, we link out to their new LinkedIn profiles.

Lastly, we add publications, grants and possibly a blog to the site.

Next up, social media. New lab Facebook page. A new Twitter account. Both linked to your new website. If you already have a Twitter account with more than 20 followers, we adapt it to suit the new branding of the site. Otherwise, it’s best to start fresh.

Tenure Chasers provides you with the ins-and-outs of social media. What to post where, and when. If you like, we can get into marketing your new-look platform via social-media advertising or Google AdWords.


When it’s all over, on average about 8 weeks later, you launch your new website filled with beautiful images and engaging, up-to-date content.

You’ll have new motivation to engage on social media. You’ll take advantage of your easy-to-use interface to create new content that attracts traffic directly to your site and managing ongoing changes to your lab team.

Most of all, you’ll be basking in a strong feeling of confidence in your new direction.