Building a career in science (including securing tenure) obviously depends on your research – getting money, doing good work, writing well, being a good supervisor and an inspiring teacher.

If any one of these elements is broken, a new website’s not going to fix it. That’s why we tend not to work so much with PhD students and postdocs. It’s not that they’re not doing good work, it’s just that they’re not at the stage where a website can provide a solid return on investment.

For Assistant Professors and Lecturers/Senior Lecturers on soft money, it’s very different. They’re in a unique position. Firstly, they have a significant body of work that can actually fill a website. Secondly, they have access to discretional funds to invest in their communication.

Our clients see the true value of what Tenure Chasers provides – blending their hardcore research with our aesthetics. They see the opportunity and identify that this is the ideal time for them to act. They also tackle another hurdle – delegating.

Typically, academics aren’t very good at delegating. This is understandable. When you’ve been so used to doing everything for yourself for so long, it gets hard to give up control. It’s also hard to trust someone else with your message. Maybe they won’t get it right?

The truth is, though, that our clients are just delegating, not giving up control. They’re handing over what, to them, is hard work and to us comes naturally. We are just making them and their work look even better – matching the quality of the communication to the quality of the research.

Of course a new website doesn’t guarantee you tenure. However, if it’s built properly, it can get you invited onto more papers, get more exposure for your work (citations), set a good impression with potential funders and help enrol more high-quality students.

In the ultra-competitive landscape of academia, how could that not be worth investing in?

For me, what it all comes down to this: why not do everything in your power to ensure that you get the most out of your hard work? Why leave anything that you can control, out of your control? Why fail when you could flourish?