What a year! Tenure Chasers only opened mid-year, but by December, we’d launched 5 complete sites for Assistant Professors in the US.

Together, these sites had over 18,000 page views from over 3000 visitors, with an average of 9.2 pages viewed per visitor. Most of that traffic came from Facebook, University websites and Google.


I think that’s pretty fantastic, considering most of the sites were only up for the last quarter of the year and we didn’t do any paid advertising.

We also made a lot of progress within Tenure Chasers, building our team with two new PhD-qualified science communicators and a commercial photographer.

Perhaps the biggest achievement was in fine-tuning our own understanding of the problems faced by mid-career researchers and evolving our strategies to solve these issues.

The plan for 2016 is to help many more busy and slightly-disenfranchised academics get their communication organised and streamlined – to get it working for them, not the other way around.

Key to this will be a new webinar series that we’ll be launching in the first half of the year – so stay tuned!