Dr Tom Rayner (Melbourne, Australia)

tom_rayner_profileTom is an Australian scientist turned communicator (LinkedIn). He founded Tenure Chasers in 2015 to address the lack of support for young researchers striving to make their mark. Tom is also a Senior Associate at Science in Public.


Dr Anne-Lise Ducluzeau (Alaska, USA)

anne-lise_profileAnne-Lise is a French PhD in microbiology, actively involved in Arctic research. She is also a very talented photographer (LinkedIn), particularly in expedition settings. She helps Tenure Chasers’ clients in the US and Canada.


Justin Malinowski (Sydney, Australia)

justin_profile-2Justin is an experienced commercial photographer & image retoucher (LinkedIn). For years he served clients in the corporate sector through Blue Murder Studios. Justin makes our images shine (pic: Ho Hai Tran).


Dr Virginia Schutte (Louisiana, USA)


Virginia works to connect people with science (LinkedIn). She writes research page copy for our clients, blogs for Nature and runs comms at LUMCON.


Join Tenure Chasers

Our growing team currently services the USA, Canada, Australia & Europe. We are looking to build additional capacity in the following areas:

  • Freelance web developer.
  • Freelance social-media strategist.
  • Partner science communicators with networks in Asia.

We like talented self-starters who understand science, produce high-quality work, are suitably cynical and irreverent, use their initiative and are easy to work with.

If you’re interested, email tenurechasers@gmail.com.